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Penny was wonderful to answer the questions I had about grooming and housebreaking my Shih Tzu puppy after I brought her home. Her dogs are the highest of quality and I recommend Enchanting Shih Tzu to anyone who is interested in a top of the line Shih Tzu."    --Jessica
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"As a fellow breeder, it is refreshing to see a breeder who breeds to the AKC breed standard and is doing her part to help educate buyers.  I love how Penny has high quality, Champion pedigreed dogs and promotes them in the show pen.  She sure knows her stuff!" --Tom, Cobblestone Shih Tzu

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Penny is an amazing breeder who has the finest quality of Shih Tzus.  She truly cares about improving the quality of the breed, maintaining AKC breed standards, providing the best care and placing her dogs in the perfect home.  She is incredibly sweet and extremely helpful.  I highly recommend Enchanting Shih Tzu for any who wants a high quality Shih Tzu that is raised in a loving, family environment.
     -- Michelle

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